A genuinely inspiring performance

From a barista who knows his coffee, loves serving it and does an incredible job converting it into a competition routine.  Couple that with a mind-popping signature drink and you have a very serious contender for both USBC and WBC Tokyo.

Go to Chemically Imbalanced and watch Billy Wilson’s winning performance from his regional.  Must see TV.

Props should also go out to Jon Lewis, his signature drink idea (I have only read about, but will be trying something similar out of curiousity at home) was awesome and no doubt so was the rest of his performance.

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3 Comments A genuinely inspiring performance

  1. tim

    I have wanted to do this caviar thing ever since I was told about it from a pastry chef here in Norway. Looks interesting.

    I still missed some more inspiring coffee talk / involvement from Billy in the presentation though. Some more explenation about the tastes, etc. But that is only my opinion. Hopefully he will have a lot of time before the USBC to perfect his performance.

    By the way, I eas just at a food science restaurant on Manhattan. We did a food and wine pairing. some were quite impressive but some of the dishes was also just ordinary. The wine was excuisit though. I think the place was called W50 or something.

    Well done Billy !

  2. jim

    The place is called WD50 – run by a guy called Wylie Dufresne I think.
    He’s friends with the Fat Duck and they share some research now and again.
    I would love to go, some of his stuff is really great.

  3. Chris Owens

    The former pastry chef at WD-50 actually created a “coffee and cream” ball. Cream encased in coffee gel. He used a different process than Billy’s caviar. The process isn’t at all practical for competition of course. He used a double-extrusion apparatus. Sadly, I have never tried it.

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