Some coffee from 49th Parallel Roasters

Stephen Hurst got back from the West Coast today and had with him a batch of 49th’s Private Reserve blend with my name on it (literally!)

Its a great coffee, very big and sweet (at times almost too sweet!). Got some very, very syrupy shots out of it, very chocolately but Stephen said that the shots he had in Vancouver were a little more complex, so I sent the guys an e-mail about how they are set up to brew so I can taste it like they brew it. Still – it was a lot of fun to mess around with and taste.

Looking forward to revisiting it with new brew parameters and seeing what I get.

Short double:


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  1. conrad

    at artigiano’s, i am told they brew it in triple 21g marzocco baskets, at 202 farenheit, 25 seconds for 1.75-2oz. their lineas also have 0.6mm gicleurs as well, that seems to make a noticeable difference in adding body to the shot. apparantly it takes almost 8 seconds before they see drips from the pf.

    let us know how it tastes!

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