The Last of the 49th Blend

Got a very quick response on Vince Piccolo so went back to the coffee today to charge through the last of it as per his instructions.  Scace’d Anette’s LM to 201F, loaded the 20g necessary, packed it in good and tight and brewed.

Got more of the complexity I was missing before, and still retained heaps of the sweetness.  Lovely coffee.  I pulled a double from a naked pf into a rum snifter glass to catch a little more of the aromas.  Much smaller than a brandy glass the tight funnel at the top means you get a couple of head popping sniffs from the shot.  A lot of fun.

Double shot in the rum glass

Always nice to see a bag with your name on it!

Whilst I was in the lab I cupped a few sample coffees with Mercanta, a few Sidamos and a Yirg.  Was interesting to see just how much they changed as they cooled.  Judging from the smell as I walked past the building later Anette has been madly working away at the sample roaster.


Trays of greens to be roasted.

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