A pleasant surprise

Went in the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee, having turned my S1 on earlier because I’d found a new milk I wanted to play with.  Had every intention of having an aeropress of Viviano CoE from Guatemala that Steve had given me a while back and once it was in the grinder the temptation took over and I started to pull some shots.  At first the light roast meant it was a little sour (in truth the kind of sour that makes your face do funny things).  Upped the temp, slowed down the pour and things started to come together. 

What surprised me is how clear all the flavours I had previously found in the aeropress just stood out so cleanly.  It was like drinking a very intense little cupping bowl, with incredibly intense fruit and floral flavours.  A pleasant surprise, as it has been a while since I had an espresso experience quite like this.  It turned out to carry quite nicely in the capp, though I am not sure if the sweetness came from the coffee or the milk.  Either way it was almost too sweet.  A nice coffee afternoon.

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  1. Paragon

    umm…what do u mean slowed down the pour? like how? (I think I know what u mean, but I’m not sure……..did u add to the previous shot’s pouring few/two-three seconds?)

  2. mikep

    Funny- Jim Schulman just mentioned in a post H-B, I think, that (my bad paraphrase:) his idea of a godshot is when all the same nuances from a cupping come through with the espresso mouthfeel.

  3. jim

    Paragon – I upped the dose slightly, with a slightly finer ground so the pour rate was slowed down increasing the extraction.

  4. lastcoyote

    Jim what was the ‘new milk’ that you wanted to play with out of interest?
    Also since you mentioned that it was quite nice as a capp i wondered what bean you think works really well as a capp?

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