Some crazy coffee photos

A photographer called Irene Müller has a collection of photos of a droplet of milk landing in a cup of coffee.  In her words:

These are the first splashes of this kind I’ve tried so far. I hope you like them and thanks for looking.
I’ve now added some images showing milk splashing into a cup of coffee to demonstrate how tiny the splashes really are.
BTW, I don’t use a laser module or sound gate for my high speed photography. Just a pipette or syringe, good eye/shutter finger coordination and patience, patience, patience…..

More pics here

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4 Comments Some crazy coffee photos

  1. Matt

    You could hook her up with a decent coffee to drop milk into rather than what looks like instant/brown water. It might not allow for the same effect though. You seem to a great photographer yourself.

  2. CoffeeSage

    Oh. My. Gosh! That is one of the neatest images that I’ve had to pleasure to see. Awesome shot. It is just beautiful and certainly shows creative genius. ~Audrey

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