Unnovation in coffee

This is just what we need:


Melitta’s brand new Smart Brewer.  Not only does it brew coffee, but it checks the weather for you by communicating with MSN.  Heaven forbid you should look outside instead as you drink the first cup of the day…..

(yes, I know it can get the weather for the next three days, but really – how accurate are weathermen, and how much do you really care at 6am?)

Perhaps it is for a more subtle purpose.  If you know its going to be a rubbish day then perhaps you brew a nice pot of some thick, warming, spicy Kalosi or if it is going to be a great day then a cup of something refined and special like a CoE Guat (which I am enjoying a cup of very much right now, and the weather outside is good.)

So maybe it is useful, but frankly if I had $200 to spend on my morning coffee it would go on the coffee itself and not another pointless piece of gadgetry.

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  1. Anette

    Goodness babe, don’t you have a chip on your shoulder this morning! Guess I know what not to get you for christmas then….

  2. jim

    I guess I do seem a bit grumpy today, but the espresso thing has been bugging me for a while and then I saw the melitta thing this morning.
    Still – I had a nice french press of the Viviano which was lovely.

  3. espressoSquirrel

    maybe it could be wired up to the grinder to compensate for humidity, that would surely produce the perfect espres……

    i would have loved to have seen the boardroom meeting when they came up with this one,

    anouther pointless collision of two unrelated things, this is rated right up there with the ruler with intergrated calculator and shoe repair stores that also cut keys…?

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