What is a trip to origin worth?

I shall be watching this with interest. An all expenses paid trip to Guatemala courtesy of Stumptown as part of the CoffeeKids fundraising auctioneering on Coffeegeek. (no more links now I promise!)

From first hand experience I know that your first trip to origin will always be a defining part of your career in coffee, and that for all the books, movies and photographs in the world nothing quite makes sense of the whole thing as being there and seeing.

I shall be envious of whichever lucky person lays down the most cash!

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  1. Daniel

    That is such an amazing thing for Duane to offer up for auction. As a Portlander, I am very sad that I don’t have the cash to bid on this. I know that the lucky one who wins this auction will have the time of their life though. I can’t wait to see how much this one goes for.

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