New Tamper to test out

Mark Prince has sent me one of his new tampers to test out and to give some feedback on.  Only a small number have been made so far (I have number 002 – which makes me worryingly pleased!). What is different?  I can’t say – yet.  I am sure Mark will (after all the testing is done) make them available to the public.  I will say one thing – it is very different to what I am used to, and I’ve had to alter my technique quite a lot but this is not a bad thing.  Wish I hadn’t run out of coffee so quickly – but I am sure I will have more chance to play.

Sunday Coffee Shots 010

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6 Comments New Tamper to test out

  1. myronj

    You say you had to alter your tamping technique:

    1. Is this something you realized even before tamping?

    2. How can you figure out how to change your technique without knowing what the difference is between the tamper and others??

  2. arthur wynne

    hey james,
    i had the pleasure to test out 005,it was an interesting feeling when tamping as it felt soft due to the high polish and the brass and copper pistons had an even softer feel to it when tamping and polishing.although i found the handle a little short so i tried the radical pro handle which was quite interesting,and the shots seem pretty consistant and i didnt seem to get any pitting at all

  3. babola

    Hmm, thanks but no thanks Angelo,
    I believe most of the peeps posting and reading blogs like these have past that initial stage your tampers assist at.

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