My heat tomorrow

First of apologies to the Bristol folk for not getting their report up sooner, I’ve just been a bit snowed under.

Tomorrow is my heat, and I hope I have put in enough work (in between running around the country lugging grinders, cleaning stations and taking far too many pictures of other barista heats) to do myself justice and put in a performance I will be ok with.

Speaking of pictures – I will try and get a replacement photographer tomorrow because I will be utterly useless at documenting images.  However I worry that someone else will show me up for being the snap happy digi-hack that I am!

Looking forward to seeing a few people tomorrow (Business Design Centre, Islington from 11am to 4 pm) and (to be honest) getting through this!

3 Comments My heat tomorrow

  1. Chris

    Best of luck Jim, i only wish that i had been in the frame of mind to compete also this year! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll breeze through it. Give em’ hell!

  2. Paragon

    Congratulations!!!! it’s soo coool that you go to finals… I know the other baristas are nice people too and so on…but I hope you win :) .

  3. Hugo

    Many Congratulations James. No surprises there then… be seeing you at the IFE!
    Can’t wait to see your sig drink, was it what you planned?

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