Adidas using my music

I don’t often post about my music stuff cos whilst this is a personal blog it is really all about coffee.  However I was quite pleased that Adidas have used one of my tracks on one of their websites.  It plays in the popup window here.  Its more fun if your speakers have some decent bass….

7 Comments Adidas using my music

  1. Peter Van de Reep

    Nice! Your stuff, well, the one track I’ve got on that Bonobo comp, is awesome, and if the streaming was better from the Adidas site, I’m sure that track is great too!

  2. jim

    Yeah – everything is played or programmed by me. Hadn’t heard of Secret Mommy but I’ve had a little listen online and I like what I hear!

  3. Troydense

    Hey James just listened to your track, of the same opinion as above about suitability for this campaign but I like the music as a standalone piece. Out of interest what sort of setup are you using to create your music? Software or hardware based, I have always used hardware and been reluctanct to go the computer road but any suggestions would be good.
    Heres a link to some of my old crap, worth a laugh. I don’t have any gear at present replaced it all with espresso machines and the like, but I’ll go back to my other love one day.

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