The Goat has been replaced

Thank you to Tone for bringing my new trophy from WBC in Bern over to pass on through Steve. It’s not that I didn’t love the goat, but somehow the replacement seems a bit more fitting for a barista competition.

(you can click the pic for newly implemented bigness – sorry to those who prefer RSS readers I don’t know if it will work for you.)

It seems a bit greedy to have two trophies for just one event…

3 Comments The Goat has been replaced

  1. Nick

    Oh, there’s nothing greedy about it.

    You only have one trophy.

    One trophy, and a souvenier-store trinket with a little bit engraved on it.

    One trophy, my friend.

  2. jim

    Are you daring to suggest that the tacky, plastic and vaguely insulting goat trophy is a bit shit?

    You may have a point…….

  3. Klaus

    Hey C’mon! One of those goats got € 1.000 from Jens Nørgaard for Libras de Amor ( :-)
    That’s quite an achievement for any goat!

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