Time spent doing nothing

Sometimes doing nothing is the most frustrating thing in the world and sometimes it is the most necessary way to spend a day.

I was lucky enough to get 6 days away in Dubai with my family. After the UKBC heats that just seemed to consume entire weeks, and cramming in competition practise in between it was lovely to do nothing. I shouldn’t make out as if I had the hardest part in it all – others worked much harder than me and probably won’t get the credit they are due (Steve Penk has travelled to and built up, stage managed and broken down all 7 regionals. I almost felt guilty for taking a little time off! Madness. You could argue that it is all self interest but as a machine sponsor you could always sign your check and just send a bunch of machines in flight cases. Either way the same number of baristas are exposed to them. He’s not alone of course – some judges have attended all the heats and lots of people have put in a lot of time to make a success of the competition.)

Anyway – Dubai gave me a chance to step away from competition and get some perspective, plus it was a pretty amazing place. The hotel I was staying at was amazing though everything was so neat, so perfect and so beautiful that it didn’t seem real.

So I arrived home refreshed and got stuck into my coffee straight away. We’ve worked on the blend and improved things and it was great to be taste espresso that made me excited and made me want to share it/force it on people. I am really looking forward to competition now, and as long as I can put on the judges table drinks that represent the raw ingredients of which I am so proud to be using then I will be happy enough with that.

Meeting up with Stephen Morrissey over the weekend. He may be trickier to convert!

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