Norwegian Barista Champion 2007

Anette has just gotten back from Aalesund on the Sunnmoere coast where she was judging the semis and finals of the barista competition that was part of their coffee fest.

Congratulations to Einar from Stockfleths for his win.  No idea what the points were, and Tim W has some very complimentary things to say about the standard of competition over there.  I met Einar the NBC and he was a lovely chap.  He also has the results up there but I may as well reprint them here!

1st  Einar Kleppe Holte

2nd Helle Ebeltoft Nørdbø

3rd Hanne Hovden

4th Roy Arthur Davidsen

5th Thomas Jørgensen

6th Anders Dahle

Interestingly alginate showed up again in competition with Hanne using it to create an apricot “egg” that sat in a chocolate and espresso mixture.  I don’t know much more than that.  Einar’s winning sig drink contained an apple foam, as he is from an apple growing part of Norway.  (Sorry I am a bit thin on the details – please correct me if any of this is wrong!)

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