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In and amongst a fun training course I was involved in today a couple of noteworthy things popped up.

First up was a bag of Tim Wendelboe‘s espresso that Anette brought back from Norway. I have only played with it a little bit, and I am in no way am I claiming to have gotten the best out of it yet. Got some lovely fruit notes out of it too, and a nicely balanced acidity in the shots but I think I could probably pull some extra sweetness from it with a bit more effort. I’ve got a fair bit more to get through so I am looking forward to that.

The other thing that unearthed itself today was the first naked portafilter that I ever got my hands on. It caused some chuckles today due to its amateurish cutting. I take full credit. I was so desperate when I first saw the sequence up at the Elysian gallery that the fact that working amongst domestic machines in a department store and that I had no access to much in the way of tools didn’t stand in my way. I took the handle from a Gaggia domestic machine and butchered it. I was just pleased it worked!

This just reminds me how much I am impressed by people out there who are really good at this sort of stuff, happy to machine up new bits and pieces when imagination strikes.

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  1. Jason Haeger

    I have one of those. A domestic Gaggia Naked PF, that is. I cut it outside on a parking block in the parking lot of a coffee shop.

    Good times…

  2. Tim Wendelboe

    I am glad you got to taste my blend.
    I tasted it today and it was still super sweet with almond and fruit aromas in the nose.
    I normally prepare it at 93 degrees celsius getting around 25 – 30 ml in 24 to 27 seconds using 16,5 grams on a standard la marzocco filter.(Tamped with my new coffeegeek tamper)
    Hope you like it!

  3. EJZ

    I remember seeing RSC on a show where Louis Theroux (BBC) was doing a docu on someone going on it…isn’t it usually chefs and celebs? At first mention I expected you to be the brought in food (coffee) expert of the team. Looks like it was fun though!

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