UKBC 2007

I promise a bigger, more exciting post full of pictures soon – but for now I am happy to post up on here that I managed to win the UK competition this year, though the competition was incredibly tough. I don’t know exact scores but I clocked in around 720, Se came in second around 690 and Ed Buston very close to him.

Standard was very, very high and I think that this will be that last time I compete in the UK. The last three years have been great fun but I think I have reached my limit of enjoyment. Looking forward to Tokyo very much and I got some great prizes but more to follow in the full report….

I am very happy, and very relieved and very, very tired.

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  1. David Makin

    Fantastic effort James.

    It is so hard to back up year after year.

    I am about to find out myself, as my Australian heat is this week!

    I will be in Tokoyo either way, so look forward to seeing you there.

    Congratulations Again, Awesome effort.

  2. Nicolas Fortin

    Twice in a row that’s awesome.
    Your “Mad scientist” skills are truly an inspiration for me.
    Looking forward to see you someday when you’ll come to Canada.

  3. BazBean

    competing for anything as the current champion has additional pressures so extra congrats James.

  4. Edmund

    Congratulations Jim, the competition was tough this year but you were miles ahead… awsome performance!!!

  5. Gary Mc Gann

    I know I personally congradulated you yesterday but just to add that I admired your lack of complacency with regard to the final. Flying thud was filling me in on the extensive Saturday practise sessions. Enjoy your week off – you deserve it.

  6. Hugh G

    Well done Hoffers …. You beat the Irishboys. Sorry I didn’t make it … heard your coffee was a bit special .. Speak to you soon.

  7. Deaton Pigot

    Hey Mate,

    Once again well done!

    Thanks so much for the dinner the other night, you and Anette are to kind and I/ we owe you one!

    See you soon and good luck for the future


  8. Luis R

    Felicidades y la mejor de las suertes en Tokio…. (i needed to say it differently, too many before me!)
    You rock james! and as said…inspiring!

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