UKBC Blends

I forgot to put this in the other post about the competition but to keep in the habit of posting my blends here we go….

For my espressos and signature drinks:

50% Fazenda Cachoeira Canario Dried on Screen (Brazil)

20% Finca La Fany Bourbon (El Salvador)

20% Sidamo Organic (Ethiopia)

10% Toca de Onca (Brazil)

The only change between this (in terms of basic composition) and my regional blend was the swapping of the Quebradon and the Sidamo. This brought a little more fruit and maybe a little more sweet (in the shots I had anyway!)

My capps with a blend of the above tended to score quite low as UK judges want a strong coffee taste so the capp blend was created with this in mind.

50% Fazenda Cachoeira Canario Dried on Screeen (Brazil)

30% Toraja Kalosi (Sulawesi)

20% Sidamo Organic (Ethiopia)

This retained plenty of sweetness but the Kalosi gave it a bit more depth in milk.

Again – all of this was wonderfully roasted by the very skilled and generous Steve at hasbean who is great!

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  1. Phil Proteau

    Do you find that using a significant percentage of African coffee makes crema break down quickly? I have been wondering about using some or not this year since my crema dissipated fast at 25-30 percent African. But that was with a bewildering combination of Harrar, Yirg, and a Kenya.

    I have also contemplated going with a bit of Robusta to counteract it, but it might be hard on the American palate.

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