A few things from the library

I was looking through some of my books and I found a few images I really like so I thought I’d upload them. There aren’t many but I thought I might do this every few weeks when I stumble across something I think is noteworthy.

I’ll also try and take down more details about the images. They should load as a gallery you can scroll through (unless you are reading this on an RSS feedreader).


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  1. Phil

    Nice, I like the third one, with the graph,

    I’ve seen it many times before in some shape or form, but it’s always good to see that sorta thing over again.

    It actually sparked a thought for me because I did a training the other day at a cafe we supply, and a visual aid like that graph would have been useful because this particular group had a wee bit of difficulty learning when to stop an extraction, and grasping the concept that the extraction of the desirable flavours tapers off later in the extraction.

    I’m in the process of writing a training manual for our client cafes to keep as a reference guide, so i think a graph like that might go in it.

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