News: I am leaving La Spaziale

Well, seeing as the press release went out on Friday it seems acceptable for me to post about it today.

After the Caffe Culture trade show at the end of May I will be leaving La Spaziale UK. I hope to spend some time travelling in North America, and finally getting to see and taste the coffee I’ve read about for so long. Then back to the UK to pursue future projects.

I am aware people may seem the timing to be linked to winning the UKBC again, but in truth it is more to do with the timing of Jon Skinner taking over my role, and taking it forward. Jon is one of the most experienced trainers in the industry, and was the first person to train me and field my endless questions when I first got into coffee three or four years ago.

I have enjoyed my time at La Spaziale immensely, and closer to my final days I will post the highlights of my time there. I can’t think of another company in the UK that are as forward thinking, as involved in trying to push quality forwards and who have had such a profoundly positive effect on the industry as well as on me. I hope to stay firm friends with them in the years to come. For me the product was important, but the company even more so and I count myself as being lucky to have had this opportunity.

If anyone wants to get in touch about training or that sort of thing then please use the contact page, though if you are a La Spaziale customer it does make sense to try and sort something before the end of May whilst it is still free…

As for the future plans – for now I remain tight lipped, partially because I don’t want to announce anything before I have it set in stone and a very clear idea of what it is, so forgive me for being cryptic.

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  1. Gobs

    Although this may be a month an a half early, I wish you the best in your new role and future projects. I guess I speak for most when I say we are behind you 110%.

  2. Jason Haeger

    Well, this IS news.

    I’m looking forward to the release of your future plans. I’m really curious to see what your plans are. You’ve got a lot of potential to do something great.

  3. Chris

    Hi Jim,

    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors. It’s been such a great honor working with you and La Spaziale on the training front and i’m sure you’re going to make big waves in whatever you do next (Please keep me updated :-), i’ll give you a call when i’m next in London.
    Best Regards Mate

  4. Arthur Wynne

    hey james,
    hope all goes well in the future,hope to maybe catch up with you on your trip round this side of the pond if your dropping by canada way that is
    best wishes

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