Some Counter Culture Coffee

Usually the incessant and nagging ringing of my doorbell doesn’t mix well with my attitude to mornings in general. The exception to this is when the chirpy postman has a little package all the way from Counter Culture Coffee, organised by the marvellous Chris Owens and M’lissa (thank you so much guys!).

I have, somewhat greedily a, dug into their Kenya Nyeri (which has made a rather delicious chemex of coffee), and I hope to get a chance to dial a machine in to pull some shots of Toscano later this evening. Also included was their Rwandan Karaba which I am looking forward to as well.

I was a little worried about what would happen to the coffees condition due to its journey, but this first cup has put my worries to rest.

Reviews of the coffees will probably appear in the cupping room in due course for the two single origins.  I don’t really feel comfortable reviewing espresso blends because too much is tied up in the hands of someone like me, which is somewhat dangerous…

Really pleased to have these coffees, going to savour them!   Thank you Counter Culture!

  1. I started the day with a press of the CoE Colombian #1 – I got hold of a little of the roasted sample – I do love this coffee – big congrats to Stumptown!  (back)

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