At the moment I am enjoying……

Was nice to take away a little coffee from Denmark at the weekend, and I was quite looking forward to tasting Klaus’s WBC blend which they sell at Estate Coffee.

It is a blend of La Minita and Daterra. It was really interesting, and when I finally got ontop of the shots and balanced out the acidity I got a lovely sweetness to the shots and Anette enjoyed them as well. I only put one into a milk drink and it came through surprisingly well. (Surprisingly may be the wrong word considering the success of this blend!).

They use a four bean blend at the Estate Coffee shop, though I think I recall correctly that these two are in it, along with something from Mexico and (I may well be very wrong here) something from Nicaragua – this is assuming that the barista contestants were using the blend they serve (though Lene was using one she had had some input into, and that definately had a DP Sidamo in it).

I think I’ve said somewhere else I don’t really like “reviewing” espresso blends because the brewing is such an integral part of it and missing the desired window gives you such a different perspective of the coffee. Whilst I don’t really like broad sweeping descriptions like sweet or creamy you end up using them a lot.

Just to drive home the contrast I brewed a little chemex of the new crop Quebradon.  I feel quite comfortable saying it was very tasty indeed, and I was I had a little more left because now I want a second cup….

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  1. Chris

    Hey Jim,

    I remember this blend with fond memories from when i picked some up last year in CPH. I remember being struck how “delicate” it was for the lack of a better term. I was also suprised how it still managed to sit well in Milk as i assumed that the delicate balance would be somewhat smothered by the milk, how wrong i was! Enjoy.

    P.S. Like yourself i’m moving on to new things, I left P***o last week, now i’m beggining the mammoth task of educating a very well respected hotel brand about quality espresso and transforming their coffee menus while working as a cocktail bartender in their lounge bar.

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