USBC Results

1st Heather Perry
2nd Pete Licata
3rd Matt Riddle
4th Chris Deferio
5th Kyle Glanville
6th Peter Middlecamp

No idea about scores. Not sure if a previous champion winning counts as a shock result, but I am not sure many people would have picked the above order. Look forward to getting the pics and videos as they slowly emerge. Seems to have been a fascinating competition, with many conspicuous by their absence from the finals.

Congratulations to Heather and everyone else – especially Pete Middlecamp who seems to be talk of the town – apparently great performances, great coffee and this his first competition. One to watch I guess….

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  1. TruthBrew

    Super cool about Peter. His shop is a couple miles from our house… we feel spoiled! I know he worked it hard in the weeks prior.


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