UK Coffee Map

I started this map back in February last year, and then pretty much forgot about it until some folks at TMC brought it back to my attention.

Since then the same idea has been done in a bigger and better way in the US by EspressoMap but I wouldn’t mind too much if people wanted to add a few more things to the UK one which can be found here:

UK Coffee Map

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  1. Paragon

    Hey, will you add some more cafe’s for London? ….Sacred (off Carnaby street) uses Bullet’s coffee…. (I don’t like the espresso tough, but hey, I didn’t like it in Tinderbox and Vergano as well…)
    The Fernandez&Wells?… La Fromagerie?

    ..I wanted to show a friend one day the awful service at Bar Italia..surprisingly it was cool, friendly, and espresso was alright…. just alright.

    Have you tasted the coffe in the Algerian in Old Compton Street?

    I hope I can come by Caffe Culture..probably Wed evening, whoever is on La Spaz stand – I have already since winter thought about getting a really decent. best-so-far, espresso….. namm-namm….


  2. b.haviar

    Can a guy get a good cup of coffee in Oxford? I will be there a few days and will get desperate amidst all that tea. peace all.

  3. wonderchunder

    Could you include the cafe I use to remind myself of the benchmark I’m trying to work to, it’s called Caffe d’Italia on Fish St, Northampton.

    Just a small cafe run by an Italian guy making incredible espresso on his Visacrem lever machine. Well worth a visit.

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