Some cups – old and new

One for the cup geeks perhaps….

Picked up a couple of new Ancap cups at the SCAE show, though one lost a handle on the way home.  (Superglue may rescue it from going in the bin!)

They’ve done city themed cups – I have a Torino and a Napoli.  Also acquired this week was this cup – if anyone knows anything about it and how old it might be then do let me know.  I wondered if it was the “other” illy that split off and now exist in Switzerland but the cup was made by the people who still do Illy’s cups so I wondered if it might quite old.  Any ideas?

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  1. Chris Owens

    Yeah, it was a little off topic. Sorry about that. It was a national “sorry to hear about the Cutty Sark burning comment. I had heard it on the news that morning.

  2. jim

    I think I was just a little thrown as, having been in Belgium, I hadn’t seen or heard anything about it. Makes sense now – seems a real shame.

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