The North American Roadtrip

It crossed my mind the other day that I have yet to post on here about our trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles. On Monday Anette, Stephen and I – accompanied by our entourage – fly out to Vancouver. We plan to spend a few days there before heading down to Seattle for a little while then on to Portland for a bit pausing briefly in San Fransisco before taking the coast road down to Los Angeles.

I cannot wait. I will of course try and keep this thing updated but it is likely gonna be City reports rather than daily ones. I have, of course, grabbed an extra couple of gigs for the camera so I can be utterly snap happy.

We have been offered great hospitality all the way along the journey and I really am concerned we won’t have enough time for everybody we want to see and I can imagine that day after day of lots of coffee (no doubt excellent) I will too jittery and excitable to cram into the cabin of the aircraft for our return journey.

We are all very excited!

P.S. I am now also officially unemployed which is both wonderful and terrifying!

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  1. Daniel

    Yow. That’s a lot of great coffee to absorb in a relatively short amount of time. I’m pretty spoiled living in Portland, but now I want to do a west coast coffee tour! I’m positive you’ll have a wonderful time. Have a safe trip.

  2. Jason Haeger

    Times like this make me wonder why I still live in Texas.

    So, now that you’re unemployed, will you soon be releasing your plans for employment?

  3. Youri Vlag

    Hi Jim

    Hope you have great fun out there! See you when you get back.

    Don’t worry about being unemployed, just sell coffees on the street. Some people do it with music… so :)


  4. Ryan

    Hope the flight goes well, If you need to be shuttled around portland, I could give you all a ride if you need. I hope you have an excellent trip. The people and coffee out here are quite nice.

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