A few bits and pieces before the US

Kind of a quick roundup post really (I struggled to think of a title!)

Whilst wandering in London the other day it crossed my mind that I had never been to St. Michael’s Alley where London had its first coffee house. In fact it is likely that it was England’s as well as Oxford’s claim of 1650 is a little dubious – not much more than an account of someone consuming coffee privately rewritten years later with different claims.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to see, if anything at all. The alley really is tiny and on the wall of a pub I found this sign. Not quite a blue plaque but better than nothing!

Elegant enough I suppose, something that cannot be said about this rather example of how not to use coffee in your logo (assuming you want it to be even vaguely tasteful):

On a completely different note Anette added another book to the coffee library. If the roasting chapter in the Illy book is a little light on the chemistry for you then this may well be a book for you. Written by Gerhard Jansen just before he left Probat. Not a long book, just lots of condensed information. I have no idea if it is for sale, as it was a gift.

So now all I have to do is pack a few things (I plan on shopping aplenty in the US, as my pound is strong against your puny dollar!), find enough reading material for some long flights and drives and sort out a way to charge my camera battery over there (why can’t we all just agree 240V is better and make everyone use that?) and I am ready.

Looking forward to those of you we will see at this:

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  1. Branden

    I’m interested in the Coffee Roasting book. I found a website that has it for sale and I’m wondering how informational the book is. Have you had a chance to review much of it?

  2. Branden

    Since you’re back from your trip, have you had a chance to check out the Roasting book yet?

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