The Roadtrip – From Portland to San Francisco

Halfway through the 640 mile drive the answer to the question of why we didn’t fly this leg instead of driving it was finally answered.  The view had been pretty as we headed south through Oregon but it took crossing a truly beautiful lake to finally put doubts to rest.

We’d left Portland mid morning, instead of at the crack of dawn, mostly because we are all a bit lazy and fond of our beds.  Having grabbed a breakfast sandwich I snuck off down to Voodoo Donuts.  Now, I do not profess to be an expert on donuts, but in many ways I’ve dealt with enough of them to feel vaguely authoritative…  The dozen they choose (which is actually 13 donuts) may well be the best possible way to spend $8….

The weather was good in Portland but as soon as you crossed the border it was like someone turned the sun up to 11.  Certainly through Northern California it was nothing much but a lot of space and a lot of heat.

Still – sunshine makes for good photographes:

Not sure how snow exists there though?

We came into San Francisco as the sun was setting and it was perfect, so beautiful and the sky really took its time shifting through the colours.  We were all utterly fatigued but pretty happy to have done it.  Next stop Ritual……

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  1. smoovebcoffee

    Yes, you are seeing correctly. That IS a donut topped with Rice Krispies cereal. Voodoo has lots of tasty donut flavors to choose from AND all manner of cereal-topped donuts, too. Is your morning donut incomplete without the roof-of-your-mouth-tearing effect of Cap’n Crunch? Do not fear – Voodoo Donut is here!

    I was there on Easter Sunday; I don’t know where to start… I guess “blasphemy” covers it.
    Delicious, Sugar-glazed, blasphemy.

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