Dried Cherry taken to pieces

There are lots of nice pictures of coffee cherries in various states of dissection out there on the web, but today I was bored and unwilling to do anything constructive (read tidying up), and like most people we have a bag of dried coffee cherries lying around so out came the macro lens.

This is the first cherry I started with:

Using the precision and expensive tools (my fingers) I carefully broke it open. This one was a little unusual in that I found a strange honeycomb structure in between the two parchment coated beans (click for bigness – let it load though, it is a big pic):

Unusual but interesting. For the sake of comparison I left half of the parchment on the bean:

Carefully taking the bean out you can see inside the home it inhabits for many months:

Just to highlight how odd the first cherry was this is another one broken open and the parchment exposed surrounded by the dry fruit meat:

I am looking at constructing my own cheap little lightroom and if and when I do I might do some more of these but lit better and with a bit more light I should be able to extend the depth of field a little more.

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