Some new coffee cups

I can’t remember where I saw them online – possibly BoingBoing or Slashfood but I was immediately curious and wandered over to the website to have a look – Lux-Delux (The Ultimate Coffee Cup).

I am, by nature, a skeptic and I guess you see a lot of cups and new designs but these interested me enough for me to immediately place an order for a couple and the shipping process to the UK was made considerably easier by David who designed them.

They arrived surprisingly quickly and I brewed a chemex of Gethumbwini (so amazing) to test drive them this morning.  I think one thing that endeared the cups to me was the handle design – you can use it traditionally or put your thumb through and cradle it, which I like.  It was also interesting to drink from a curved rim.

I like them and am wonder whether they will make their way into regular rotation amongst the coffee mugs.  They can be stacked in a slightly terrifying way but I don’t think I am up to that.

I know some other coffee people have bought a few and I’m curious what they make of them?  I suspect it won’t be long before some of his other porcelain makes its way into competition.

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  1. Tim Styles

    How do you think these things would fare in an espresso environment. I’m thinking that the pour, let alone the drinking, would be difficult enough to render them useless.


  2. David Pier

    I assure you, they are, if anything, easier to drink from than other cups, and I have not yet had a customer who disagreed. The main reason you never see undulating rims on cups is that they are more complex to manufacture, and therefore cost a bit more, and cost is almost always given precedence over user experience.

    As far as making espresso drinks in them, they have only been on the market for a few weeks so I am still waiting for feedback in regards to this. I will have some expert opinions and pictures soon…

  3. Joshua Solomon

    I have seen the evolution of these cups from beginning to their current incarnation. I can tell you right now that nobody pays closer attention to the minute details that go into making everyday things enjoyable then David Pier. Nothing – and I mean nothing – is left to chance. There is a specific reason for every little wrinkle or rim on these cups – the end result is a coffee-drinking experience which makes me feel like an aristocrat.

  4. Daniel

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding new coffee cups at jimseven, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

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