Send ZacharyZachary to Tokyo

I know a lot of other people have blogged about this but I think I ought to as well.

The venue of the WBC this year is pretty prohibitive for those interested in watching – Tokyo isn’t cheap and it isn’t close (unless, of course, you are in Japan).  So after the lack of coverage of the USBC, especially considering the interest, it looks likely that it will be another blackout unless we get the marvelous Katie and Zachary from zacharyzachary over there.  They need donations for tickets and hotels so if you are interested in lots of videos (amusing ones at that!) and coverage then send them a few dollars.

I’ll do my best from here but I learnt from Berne that things get a little hectic and stressful and posting is hard.

So – donate!


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  1. Emily

    hmmm… I would agree it’s expensive, very expensive, having spent only 12 hours in Tokyo previously, but it’s close for anyone from the southern hemisphere – this will be the first time ever,ever, that people coming from Australia, NZ or Asia will only have to take one flight to the WBC. In the past the minimum has been two, and on two occasions I have taken three flights, and or a greyhound bus!! I guess because it’s so close the Australian and NZ team combined this year will number over 40 people… look out!

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