Finally got a GB5

Whilst I am painfully aware that Tokyo is looming over me, today I finally managed to get hold of a GB5 (thanks to Darlingtons), though like a fool I forgot that they don’t ship to the UK with flow restricters and I didn’t order any.

So I pulled a few shots this afternoon and I now feel like I can properly focus over the presentation.  I have made almost all the decisions about the coffee – a few profile things to sort out – and I am pretty set on my sig drink now (yes, I should have decided something 2 months ago – remember kids: organise, it really helps.)

 In other news I received some coffee from Germany,courtesy of Wolfredo who looked kindly upon my lack of coffee.  This is the first time I have received coffee packaged like this.  I was impressed!  I look forward to trying it tomorrow.

2 Comments Finally got a GB5

  1. scottlucey

    i wonder what you think of working on a machine without the restricter mod… in our stores we have some machines with and some without, personally, it drives me crazy.

  2. Jimmy

    Pulling great shots on a machine w/o restrictors is a great learning challenge. Makes you really appreciate the importance of getting your grind dialed *right in*

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