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“From my point of view I’d say the biggest benefit that science has had on my cooking is my achieving consistency.  So, you have an idea, then you develop a dish and then you obviously have to get that dish onto the menu in the restaurant.  Then you have a team of people who you need to execute that dish day-in and day-out.  So the science really helps that, as you can really pinpoint steps in the recipe.  In terms of creativity I wouldn’t say that science does any more than give you a few tools in the box….”

From an interview in the Observer Food podcast.

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  1. Phil

    Fantastic quote. topically fits right in with a conversation i had earlier today with a friend and fellow roaster at the local farmers market. We were talking about roasting, roast profiles, and specifically control and consistency. The science doesn’t help you create a new blend or roast profile (that requires some trust of your tastebuds), but it allows you (and other employees) to replicate it day in day out.

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