Kopi Luwak in the LA Times

I picked up this link via BoingBoing – according to a Canadian food scientist named Massimo Marcone 42% of the Kopi Luwak available for sale is “either adulterated or complete fakes, unfortunately”. I always thought the percentage was higher than that, but I suppose I am cynical.

Full article here.

I can’t help post about this and not mention that I am pleased Sweet Marias are selling the Jacu coffee from Camocim which, whilst inevitably something of novelty, is actually rather tasty and doesn’t taste evil or wrong – which is good news for the farm as they lose a great deal of the ripest fruit to the bird which is protected by law.

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  1. Marcy

    This post had me searching forever because the Massimo Marcone’s paper triggered something in my memory bank (so frustrating when that happens)… and in indeed… here it is.

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