Today was a good day.  Mercanta had a Meet the Grower event for some farmers from the Quebradon Cooperative.  I was really looking forward to this because I am a huge fan of their coffee, and this year’s crop really is great.  It was so good in fact that during Anette’s practise for the World Cupping competition we had to take off the table because it stood out so much!

Anyway – Quebradon is in the Huila region of Colombia, and consists of 44 member farms.  This number is now fixed so that they can maintain the supply/demand relationship.  Mercanta started working with them back around 2002 and since then have helped set up a cupping lab there and teach cupping, and also with the help of 49th Parallel Roasters and another roaster have bought two school buses for the villages.

There were three farmers from the Cooperative there – Julio, Felix and Fabio.

We had a presentation and video (I will see if I can get it uploaded somewhere) and then cupped the coffee and then I got to pull some shots of it.  The roast was a little light, and even at low doses and upped temperatures I never quite managed to get the acidity in check, though the shots did finish beautifully with great red/black fruit.  I grabbed some milk and poured some capps and the milk tamed the shots and the capps were sweet and fruity and lovely.   Whilst the farmers had all cupped their coffees several times they had never had it brewed through an espresso machine.  I think the acidity was a little eye-popping, though they liked it in milk.  They were also very interested in latte art – I love this picture Anette took:

Days like this I wish I could speak Spanish, beyond the pathetic mumblings I am currently capable of.  I also wished the coffee we were pulling shots of was roasted a little different as it would have been great to try and serve them a really great shot of their coffee.  A fun day and a nice bunch of people in attendance:

A few more pictures in this photoset.