So…. Tokyo…..

Well, it is absurdly early in the morning and, with my flight looming, I am doing what most champions will have been doing at some point. Ironing. And then more ironing.

Its been a few good days doing all the normal things you do in the run up to competition:

– Obsessing over every word you may or may not plan to say

– Hand sorting every gram of your greens before roasting

– Sacrificing small furry animals to any and all appropriate gods

– Ironing

– Spending too much on pretty table items you’ll probably never use again and only grow to resent when you have to lug them back halfway across the world.

– Collecting fresh child urine in order to pass random drugs screenings (If we’ve learnt anything from the Tour de France…..)

– Occaisonally relaxing and thinking it might be ok.

– Mostly stressing that it won’t be.

– And of course, screwing around with latte art when you should be packing stuff up. If I am not dedicated to the latte art challenge then who will be? So – I give you a pour in the brave hands of Anette:

A few more on flickr.

And so – WBC time it is. I am looking forward to this year, and I am hoping I get to explore Tokyo at least a little bit. It will be nice to see lots of people again, catch up and rant on over much drink (Sake maybe?). Wish me luck I guess (unless you are a supporter of “the opposition”) and I will try and do us proud. I will do my best to photograph and post on here but if Berne taught me anything its that I am a bit rubbish at the internet when under pressure. Best keep an eye on ZacharyZachary….

(On a side note I am quietly hoping they will get around to telling us what day we are on – once I know I’ll post it up….)

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  2. Anne

    I have been wanting to try a pour into hands ever since I first saw a photo – that is awesome! Was Anette burned at all? Tell her thanks because that was rad to see when logging into flickr!

  3. jim

    Anne – Anette was fine, we steamed the milk pretty cool and let the espresso get a bit cold too – feels quite nice really (oddly my freakishly large hands were no use for this!).

    Give it a try!

    And Peter – thank you, appreciate the support.

  4. Gary Mc Gann

    Best of luck – we’re all rooting for you here. Only sorry we cant make the trip! Make sure that Penky buys lots of drinks!

  5. Olings

    Good luck Jim! Have a great time in Tokyo. Perhaps you should focus on dealing with the jetlag before exploring the city… Also heard that it´s really hot down there. Might be a shock coming from the rainsoaked UK. Give ’em hell!
    Cool latte art by the way!


  6. Lukas

    All the best Jim. You made me smile with your pre-competetion list!
    Show the others (especially the German Champion) what a Barista is ;)

  7. antonis

    Best of luck in Tokyo James. All of us here in Athens will be rooting for you in the finals.

  8. Tim Wendelboe

    Good luck James.
    See you over there.
    I hear rumours that the schedules will be up tonight. I just need to iron my shirts and relax with a beer before I get on with it..

  9. Søren Stiller Markussen

    Hi James

    Con gratualtions with the Championship….it looked really nice….and you looked so calm……

    Best wishes from Denmark

    Søren Stiller Markussen

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