Wish me luck for my heat

I’ll be pushing the big scary “Go!” button in about three hours from now.  (I am awake very early!)  Sorry I’ve been quiet for the last day, its just prepping and the competition in general are exhausting.

I don’t think anyone arrives here expecting to win, that would be either absurd or monstrously arrogant.  There is too much talent, too much hard work done by the other baristas.  I think everyone hopes to make it to the finals.  Having accomplished that in Berne, I feel there is a little less pressure on me because I will always have that achievement.  My goal is pretty similar to any other barista’s goal:  I have a routine that I’ve worked hard on, and I have with me some coffees that I think are amazing, absolutely stellar.  I just want to go on stage today and give the best possible representation of both.  As long as I do that, I will be happy wherever I place.  This is my last competition so I hope to go out there and enjoy it.

I think announcements are around 5 or 6pm here, depending on how smoothly things run, but I am sure that if you are reading this then you will be glued to zacharyzachary all day…..

6 Comments Wish me luck for my heat

  1. Sarah Allen

    BEST OF LUCK TO YOU, JAMES! You’re a fantastic competitor and one of the nicest baristas I know. I can’t wait to watch the footage of your performance today on zacharyzachary!!

  2. El Granteroonie

    Go, Jimbo! All rooting for you back here in sunny Kingston! Will log on and catch up on your news whenever you manage to put something up…! Viel Glueck, Bon Chance, Muchisima suerte. The Coffee Hunters.

  3. t o n x

    Don’t forget to take those performance enhancing drugs I gave you. The little purple pills work best if you crush them up and snort them and the liquid stuff you can inject directly into your eyeball right before your round. Too bad they confiscated your nitrous oxide though… hope there is some other dental anaesthetics available there for you.

    Knock ’em dead!

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