A little cup auction

So, most people who’ve been keeping tabs on the whole WBC thing know I used two different single estates – Herbazu in Costa Rica and Gethumbwini in Kenya.  Before I left for Tokyo I was rooting around for bits and pieces and came across a couple of cups from Ancap.  I have no idea how limited they are, but the set of 6 each has a different producing origin portrayed on the outside.  Of the six one happened to be Costa Rica and another Kenya so I wrapped them up and stuffed them in amongst my hundred weight of kit and took them along.

The champions from Kenya and Costa Rica were both great and whilst I was running around like an eejit Anette very calmly spoke to them and asked them each to sign their respective cups.  So rather than hoarding I thought I’d share the love – sort of.



I figured the easiest way to do this would be a silent auction.  All money will go directly to CoffeeKids  and if you want to bid then just use a contact form with your bid and which cup you want in it.  Maybe no one will be bid and you’ll get a bargain.  I will ship anywhere in the world from my own pocket.  I’ll give this a couple of weeks – will clarify once I’ve worked out where I’ll be when.

So please – bid!

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  1. Grendel

    Excellent plan.

    Always good to see something going back to origins.

    CoffeeSnobs in Australia now have the ‘Fair Crack’ fund for donations with a levy of 50 cents on each kilo of green beans to feed the fund. In Perth the local specialty coffee roasters and cafe have been very active supporters of fundraising efforts for the Autism Association and other kid’s causes.

    The specialty coffee sector seems to have more consideration for others – is this related to a stronger ethical basis for the business?

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  3. nik

    Thats why you deserve to be a champion, and thats how champion should behave and be our (other baristas) picture in the world. professional, humble, willing to help, willing to teach, willing to learn…thanks James for all…a true hero of 2007. World, hold on!

  4. Cris Fuzaro

    How about u sign a cup and bit it as well?!
    Ive been a silent reader of ur blog for months….Congrats Again Jim!!! :o)

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