Cup Auction ends Friday 17th August

I’ve decided to end the cup auction a week tomorrow (Fri 17th) because the bids have already exceeded anything that I could have hoped and whilst I won’t tell you what each cup is currently at the combined total is over £150/$300 which is amazing and speaks volumes to the generosity of people in this industry.

If you are still tempted then you need to let me know the absolute maximum you’d be willing to pay by using the contact form.

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  1. Chris DeMarse

    My apologies, but my question has little to do with the cup auction, though I do appreciate what you’re doing for coffeekids. I am a developing barista who has heard a lot of debate about the exact composition of cappuccino and my thoughts were sparked as I watched your competition video and read the remark that points were deducted for your lacking amount of foam. There seems to be great debate across the board about the composition of a cappuccino (at least from my limited standpoint). Is there a chance that you could let me know what the judges are looking for proportion wise??

    Much Thanks,
    Chris DeMarse
    Developing American Barista

  2. Grendel

    Good news about the cup bids – I’d bid on a ‘James Hoffman’ signed item of some description too – if you have anything you can bear to part with!

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