More photos from the library

Another one in a continuing series I guess. Got the scanner working again so here are a few oddities from some books that were to hand.

Click for lightroom gallery goodness.

Insides of an old rancilio tower:

Another Rancilio:

Whilst we are doing machinery here is a nice vintage coffee dryer:

Apparently this advert would make you want to buy coffee, I am not sure why:

Published in 1965 – has brewing coffee changed much in 40 years?

And finally, from “Modern Coffee Production” this should scare your kids:


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  1. Elliott

    I’m looking for some info on coffee pests/diseases, such as the borer/weevil. Does “Modern Coffee Production” cover the subject with much depth?
    Ukers’ only has a brief section, which is a bit of a bummer.

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