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  1. Wolfram

    Hi James,

    this topic has also be covered by the latest roast magazine (http://www.roastmagazine.com/). The fridge won all of the tests. What I missed was whether the coffee has to defrost. For me it makes no sense to simply get it out of the fridge and put it into the grinder directly.

    Beside this, storing coffee that long shouldn’t be an option anyhow :o)

    All the best…


  2. Olings


    I’m well aware of the article in Roast Magazine. It’s actually what made me want to do the experiment. The experiment in Roast was thorough but didn’t take into account one thing I thought important: shorter and longer periods of time. I wanted to test for myself and our costumers what the time-factor might add to this experiment.

    As for the defrosting, I mentioned this in my post. I defrosted the beans first to get rid of any moisture that might clog up the grinder.

    I also agree that one should not store the beans for long and we recommend people to buy small ammounts at a time, but for some of our costumers this just doesn’t seem to sink in. I did this experiment to be able to see first hand what happens to the beans when they are stored like this. This way I don’t have to quote everyone else when I say what happens.


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