Absurd Latte Art update

Just a quick round up of the stuff people have submitted in my call for milk based nonsense:

Tim Styles (Tropical Saloon):

latte art in a saucer

Perrys Karavas (Flickr page):

latte art in a ladel

Grendel (Cafe Grendel):

Conrad (Flickr page):

latte art in a gravy boat

And of course there is Anette, Stephen, Jenny and I and our art in hands:

All of this is great, but I want more! MORE!

So please, if you can, find an odd vessel and pour some art in it and leave me a link or message in the comments.

(I am still gutted our plan to pour something through Arthur’s ears in Tokyo never came off – Arthur, if you are reading this then you have to get someone to do it!)

(If I have missed anyone out let me know!)

22 Comments Absurd Latte Art update

  1. Troydense

    Decided to take up your challenge, heres some not so far out attempts.
    Had some other ideas, although most of them would result in unusable items after being filled with espresso and milk.

    [sorry for editing your comment – I just really wanted people to see this picture! Jim]

    latte art in a cash register

  2. mentness/stuartlee

    I know this has no latte art on it but I thought I’d add it anyway because it is definatly absurd.


    I nearly messed my pants!




    and portafilter (By the way the beans are about 10 mins off the roast, mega bubbles, I know to good but i’m too exited about pouring into stuff)



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  4. mentness/stuartlee

    No probs old boy, same thought patterns/problems #i think.

    ‘I know whats obscure and near me now that i can pour into! I ‘ve got it, the thing in my hand just made the coffee i’m drinking while reading the Jims Blog!


    Roy- love the flower idea
    Troy – that till is absurb indeed, love it!

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