4 Comments Interesting Coffee Art photos

  1. Klaus

    That’s pretty cool. I remember seeing the video of the vibration/sound wave table about a year ago and being really fascinated by it. A friend of mine thought it was fake :-)

  2. Mike

    What is not obvious in a picture like this is that the patterns in the liquid are actually three dimensional. The containment of the sides of the cup cause the surface to show the wave interaction, but at the right frequency, it is possible to make the solids in the colloid line up and /or form patterns. I have only used much larger particles in a more viscous liquid, but the principles remain the same. You need clear containers to see it though. We used glass cubes, as flat glass panes distort less when viewed.(I did sound and vibration technology at University.)
    You can also get some interesting shapes using non circular cups. The trick is to serve the coffee on a vibrating tray…..

  3. Troydense

    I observed this vibration art first hand recently by accident.
    I operate a mobile espresso bar, in which my Espresso machine is powered by a petrol generator.
    After pulling a couple of shots I set the cups aside on the bench a little futher away from my usual work area and started to steam my milk. Moments later when I came back to the cups, I was surprised to find that the espresso had formed bizzarre crop circle like patterns in the cup, which I could only put down to a result of the vibrations travelling through the counter from the generators engine.
    I will try to get a picture if this occurs again.

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