My Compak arrived today!

First of the coffee related prizes to arrive (GS3 later this year), the Compak WBC K10 appeared very promptly having only been dispatched from Spain yesterday.  (How come it takes Royal Mail longer to get post door to door in the UK?)

K10 WBC Compak grinder

I unboxed it and took it up to the new coffee space we’ve set up (at the temporary expense of my somewhat shoddy music studio.)  The S1 was on duty and I had borrowed/stolen a little HasBean premium blend from a hopper at the LSC this morning in anticipation.

Took me a little while to dial it in (mostly my own stupidity) and then pulled a few shots.  Ran out of time before having to head out of the house, but the shots poured very nicely and I look forward to working with it more, especially having heard a lot of good things about the shot quality.

espresso shot of hasbean from K10 Compak

Really looking forward to doing some side by side shots from different grinders too.

Thank you to Compak!

4 Comments My Compak arrived today!

  1. Kiril

    indeed a nice grinder mate … i was in barcelona just last week, didnt get a chance to visit their HQ but got to fiddle with one :) nice nice nice …

  2. The Onocoffee

    We’ve been using the K10 for nearly a year and a half now and I think it’s an excellent grinder. In fact, it’s replaced our Mazzer Majors as our primary espresso grinder. I think it’s better than the Robur and certainly trumps that stupid Kony – whose very slow speed drives me absolutely bonkers.

    The K10 is also great for travel and moving around as it’s lightweight (compared the Major and dramatically lighter than the Robur) and easy to move.

    The only downside of the K10 is that it doesn’t look too sexy when you remove the dosing hopper cover and the bean hopper is made of this very shatter prone polycarbonate.

    But you can leave your portafilter in the dosing forks, and that’s gotta have some merit.

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