Short post I am afraid – though more when the CBC starts rolling.

I like Toronto, and it has been a hectic couple of days here so far.  There have been many highlights and I spend most of the time laughing.  Tonight I was the source of amusement as a few of us went for 1am bubble tea.  I was warned of a drink with chewy stuff, and this really isn’t the way to encourage me to drink it.  Matt Lee took great pleasure in ordering up a few different ones and watching me pull faces as I went along.  Some were great.  Some most definitely were not. I could well be tempted into trying them again.

I will get post up some suitably amusing pics when Matt posts them,  but now I have to sleep as I am still a bit wonky and its 3.20am and I am going to help build a stage tomorrow.  (And you thought it was all glamour!)

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  1. Kiril

    OMFG man!!! matt took me to that same crazy place .. lol did u see the girls there are too perfect, must dress the same and everything its the funniest place! actually here is the story behind this …

    so we were out drinking with ed, amber matt .. u know the whole toronto gang. So everyone is getting wasted but matt … you know he is using the usual “designated driver” excuse. So anyways he is giving me a lift back to my house. Matt goes, are you hungry? And i go … ye … so then he goes, ok … i am gonna take you to this place, so i am thinking mcdonalds or something. hahah he takes me to this bubble tea place that packs like 1000 people all drinking fruity bubble teas, so anyways he made me try this green apple one and he had some rice and something. I was amazed by this place, the fact that it stays open super late, and still has lots of people drinking that shit, i could see how you will find it funny james :) haha i stick to coffee!

    enjoy your stay. while you are there go to a club called government .. its HUUUGE!! has like 6 different rooms, trust me well worth it!

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