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I’ve had a load of e-mails from people asking about the music that was playing in the background during my WBC performance.

So, for one week only – or until I get in trouble and have to take them down, whichever happens first – here are the tracks in order:

1. Midlake – Roscoe (Erol Alkan Remix)

2. Chipset Rockswell – 50 Ways to Leave your Lover

3. Of Montreal – Gronladic (edit)

4. Electrelane – The Greater Times

If you like them then buy the albums or you’ll go to music piracy hell…..

They will disappear around the 1st October. So be quick!


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  1. Steve

    Hating to sound like a kiss ass, but I loved the music from your performance, it just brings back all the great feelings of your win, so thank you for sharing this, 5* on my ipod for sure :)

  2. chris Rockswell

    Hey man we are about to put the 50 ways out on Vynil… I really appreciate your interest in the track but i just want to hold off on having it on the blogs untill we get a few bucks back for the pressing… Thanks ….and where did you grab it from anyway


  3. jim

    Hey Chris,

    I love this tune – I was given a link to it a quite a few months ago from the ninjatune forum, I thought it was a free download, I am sorry!

    Mp3 is now removed and am looking forward to the vinyl!

  4. chris Rockswell

    man … i love coffee….

    ..Really glad you like the song and that you used it on a spot…please send me your mailing adress via email and ill send you vynil/cd when we get the shipment.


  5. Edwin

    Ohh man!!! I’m never tired to see your wonderful presentation. It was amazing. Very harmonious, in balance, just perfect!!! You did all you need to do. Nothing more nothing less, that was part of the great difference. I also thing to emailing you asking for the music. Thanks a lot….. I’m just a newbie in this espresso world but you inspire me to think about big things.

    I’m in Puerto Rico and my English is not very well but now you know that have another fan in another corner of the world that hold you in a great esteem.
    Please, continue sharing your humanity and talent.


  6. Al Black

    Hey Chris, I really want to get my hands on that track. Is there anywhere I can purchase it online?

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