Which is the most absurd? You decide!

OK – voting time everybody. I’ve been threatening to do this for some time, so now I’ve picked 12 pours for you to choose a winner from.

They were chosen for originality, quality of the pour and plain silliness. Please rank them with that in mind. The one I poured is being entered as Arthurs. In cases where ideas were done by two people the first to submit went in. If I have missed anything let me know!

Here they are:



If I have forgotten something (because I put this together quite quickly today) then nominate it for the pole – though do double check that it isn’t there before adding it please.

Anyone who feels ignored – sorry! It wasn’t on purpose!

Just to warn you – IP tracking is on, so that should stop people voting repeatedly. I will close the voting when I get back from Russia on the 8th of October. Vote now! Get your friends to vote! Family! Coworkers!

I will see if I can add to the stuff Espresso Warehouse are giving away as the prize.

13 Comments Which is the most absurd? You decide!


  2. Sarah

    They all kick ass, but the mouth has to be the most absurd. The one in the dustpan looks so good I’d almost be tempted to drink it. ;)

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