The current state of coffee blogging

This is really just something that struck me this evening.  Back when I started blogging there were really only two or three blogs that I read about coffee – Gauperaa, Tacy and Veldkamp seemed the only voices shouting loud enough for me to find them.  It seems a lot has changed since.

Over at Barismo they have a great little section called blog notes that is essentially interesting clippings from other coffee bloggers.  Looking through the articles listed it seems that a lot has changed.  I have 150 coffee blogs in my feed reader.  Yes, this is a touch excessive and not all of them regularly provide interesting content but a surprising amount do.  It seems that more people are stepping up to experiment in a thoughtful way and to share what they find.  This seems to gently accelerate the speed we learn collectively which is the interesting part of the internets contribution to open source learning for baristas.  Ola’s experiments, Kiril coldbrews, Elliot’s thoughts on pests and Ben’s regular critique of our absurdity (immersed as he now may be in it) are all interesting and thought provoking.

I look forward to where this is going as more baristas step up to contribute, whilst hopefully keeping an open mind…

Thoughts in the comments?

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  1. abhishek

    Jim hi,
    I had been reading your blog for long. I had always wanted to comment, but I could not muster up enough courage as I considered myself more of a dilettante and less of an enthusiast.
    However, with the time and the constant hopping on to the various blogs which are on the blog rolls of most of the bloggers, I have learnt a lot , and today’s post is the apt one for me to comment. Therefore I am a strong votary of the digital medium, which has been constantly guiding me into the right direction, as I am pursuing to open a specialty cafe, as otherwise we do not have any wave of the coffee.
    Though we have close to one and a half thousand cafes ,modeled on the lines of Starbucks , dishing out coffee pretty much similar to Starbucks, but nonetheless educating the crowd about coffee, yet we still do not have a coffee culture. In spite of India being the sixth largest producer , we probably have just one micro roasting unit. If it would not have been blogs like yours and the fantastic forums, it would have been difficult to source the knowledge.
    I feel privileged to have the access to this medium .

  2. bz

    don’t ask nick cho about this. the ability of no-names (like me!) and regular baristi to generate a very public profile and even parlay such a profile into a better job or an outsized ability to affect the coffee conversation seems to rankle quite a few people in the third wave.

    which makes sense. but then, it’s like the price for esmeralda or the $21,000 prize for winning a latte art competition. any time a movement is democratized (i.e. internet-dependent), it’s gonna be messy and unfair. all in all, i appreciate the proliferating number of blogs. it forces anyone doing it to stand out — with freshness, originality, drop-dead photos, etc.

  3. jim

    abhishek – could you please tell me more about the company you have/work for? I must confess to being painfully ignorant of cafe groups outside of europe and north america…

    ben – re:nick – was that a pf podcast rant I vaguely remember? What I think is interesting is the number of people stepping up and ticking the requirements of freshness, originality etc…

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  5. bz

    i never listened to the podcast. tried, but never succeeded. i believe nick has expressed his frustration in a number of scenarios, to a number of people (including me).

    freshness. i agree. it’s there. it just needs to be harnessed.

  6. Jaime


    I don’t listen to any podcast but there are blogs I follow. I have a lot on my reader by only a handful update with uniqueg content and that’s what I am looking for. Kiril has caught my eye recently for great insight and Snoz does have an occasional outburst of revelation in between the Hoffman fan boy posts ;-)

  7. Acupoftransformation

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