Surprising sight in a Nero’s

Anyone else noticed that instead of a Faema E91 Diplomat that they usually use the Nero’s Express in Waterloo station has a four group GB5?  Perhaps it is the start of a machinery change and this a test site, or perhaps they just expected to have to steam a lot of milk fast in this particular site and so wanted a dual boiler.

Didn’t taste the coffee, had had quite a lot yesterday or I’d have been tempted.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. jim

    Heh! It was a case of Stephen and I wandering through the station to get a train and spotting it on the concourse and being very surprised…..

  2. rob berghmans

    You think these LaMZ machines give so much more (and precise) steam than a E91?
    I didn’t dare to buy them overhere because there is no dealer/technical support, but soon there will be, so i’m getting interested of switching from Faema to La Marzocco.

  3. Simon James

    We’re seeing more La Marzoccos in Melbourne, and I’d like to believe that the business owners are taking the path of “Quality kit has positive impacts in many areas of your business”.
    No offence to the other equipment manufacturers, as I’m sure there are positivies in the design of their equipment, and the execution of coffee production at the front line.
    However, I think it’s fair to say that La Marzocco have a superior reputation amongst cafe owners, Baristas, informed consumers etc. I believe perceptions play a big part in attracting staff & customers, and if you have a point of difference such as a superior espresso machine (perceived or not), you have an advantage in the market place. For an initial extra outlay of a couple of thousand pounds (Sterling), or $5000 – $10,000 (Australian), you could easily recoup that extra investment at a busy site.
    Our company recently replaced 2 CMA (San Marinos) machines at a busy railway station site with 2 FB 80s. The extra reliability should pay for itself, and the talk it has generated in the local industry isn’t doing any harm either.
    The FB 80 we recently installed at the site I manage has certainly generated positive comments from the customers (and we had replaced an FB 70), and it has attracted Baristas looking for work. It has also inspired my Baristas to take more pride in their craft. I know that by singing the praise of the FB 80 I’ve played a part in this, but the staff also recognise the features of the FB 80 and the difference in the cup, and the ease of use.
    I’m sure you could just as easily sell the features of a fully restored E-61 or a La San Marco. If the equipment is purchased with quality over cost in mind, and you can communicate this to your staff and customers, I believe you’ll foster quality in the cup and loyalty from your customers and staff.


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