The last couple of days have been great! Three different parcels, all cool stuff.

First off was a large box from Compak. I had no idea what this might be and I opened it up to find this:

Large cup from Compak - WBC Prize

They had planned to give it to me in Tokyo but it had got stuck en route and hadn’t made it in time. I have no idea if it is possible to pour latte art in it (it must be at least 4 litres in size!) but I will try…

Then I had a very kind gift from Guido at La Marzocco – three of their books.

La Marzocco book with vintage machines

Many of you probably know I am a fairly obsessive collector of books – and I do love machine books with all the old drawings and photos of beautiful vintage machinery.

The third package came from Cindy Chang at Counter Culture Coffee.

Coffees from Counter Culture

The box had six bags of their coffee – two bags of Toscano and then coffees from Mexico, Nicaragua, Kenya and El Salvador – this being the first time I’ve tasted the coffee from Aida Batlle, having read so much about her in the last couple of years.  It did not disappoint.

So – lots of coffee to drink from a giant cup, whilst reading.  My weekend sorted!

Thanks to everyone for their kindness.

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  1. Nicolas Fortin

    Hello James! Lucky you! well you derserves it Champion! ;-)
    I’m as much a (coffee related) book fan as you are. Do you know if those books from LaMazocco are available to public?
    Is yes where can we order? :)

    Have a good week-end and tell us about your Counter Culture tasting.

  2. Grendel

    Nice stuff – a pity you didn’t have the cup in time for the absurd latte art challenge – pouring into that would have been fascinating.

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