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  1. scottlucey

    very interesting. and yes funny, surely the comment about hotel coffee machines and meth is the best.
    i forget, what is the best grind for these devices. i’ve never used one… while visiting charles and anne at koppi in Sweden, charles was about to make something from it but i declined being overly polite. i’d like to try it out though, would anyone ever make anything larger than a few ounces though?

  2. aaron

    The Aeropress may be utilitarian and efficient, but I’m not sure I can go with the mad scientist in the video when he calls it beautiful. Looks more like a breast milk pump than a coffee maker.

    I love my Aeropress. Seriously. Thanks for posting this, Jim. I always get that sort of embarrassed smile inside when “outsiders” interview coffee people or tackle specialty coffee type equipment.

    Scott, I use a somewhat finer grind than a standard auto drip grind for my Aeropress. Slightly on the finer side of the spectrum between french press and espresso. And I do agree with the creator’s suggestion of using lower temps. Yields a unique roundness that is tough to find in any other brew method. I use grinds to the top of the “1” circle and water to the middle of the “4” circle. Halfway through the plunge and just before the big hiss I add a little more water, stir again and press it all through. Yields maybe 6-8 oz. A nice little Americanito.

  3. Mark

    You know, I write to Mark once in a while on coffee related issues, esp. when he either gets something slightly wrong, or really wrong (I’m always nice about it), and it never solicits any kind of reply or correction.

    Calling the stuff out of that aeropress crema is just wrong. And I’d like to see him drink the entire beverage he brewed, and keep a smiling face lol ;)

    Best way I’ve found to use an Aeropress is a) have the metal filter, b) invert it all, c) insert the plunger just barely so (leave the filter off), d) add coffee, e) stir gently, f) add filter holder and filter, and g) invert, and press right away.

    A clover for $25 plus whatever the metal filters eventually cost ;)

  4. jim

    Les – we are all disappointed at the lack of linkage.

    Meth is a completely alien concept to me – seems quite the NA drug of choice for motel abusers. I feel so naive.

    My aeropress got shelved, not because it made bad coffee but because I spent so much time playing with different grinds and doses that I never really settled into a solid routine. It will still get packed for certain trips though cos it is a great portable device. Might even invest in a small hand grinder at some point!

    Mark – I’ve tried writing to BoingBoing and suggesting a few things in the past but clearly coffee isn’t ready to be subjected to the geek masses.

  5. Steve

    I have to admit this is my first time watching Aeropress in action, and I was a bit worried those pieces might break off sending everything flying while he pressed down. fortunately, it didn’t happen. It is also great to know that he likes Black Cat.

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