New edition of Barista Magazine

So, the new issue is out.  Another of life’s goals completed – I’ve made the cover!

Barista Mag Cover

Of course this is not reason enough to be reading, it is actually a really great issue and there are some very cool articles in there including Steve Leighton’s “Death of the Blend” – required reading I tell you!  There is loads more but I don’t want to copycat the baristamag blog post.  That said I’d be surprised if you were reading this and weren’t a subscriber (cos it’s ace and not just because they put me on the cover!)  Thanks to Sarah and Ken – newlyweds (congrats!) and writers of a very kind article.

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  1. Maria

    Hello! And thank you for a really enjoyable, energetic and interesting blog. I had no idea such a magazine existed (maybe because I’m not barista, but a roaster), but it would be fun to give it a read, as all aspects of coffee and the coffee business are interesting to learn more about.
    Best regards, Maria

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